About Us

Personalized trust and estate services

Behind The Design

Our Logo Design Inspiration

In music, a coda is a section that appears at the end of a composition. Typically marked by a specific symbol, the coda is often used to bring a sense of finality, and resolution, or provide an added flourish to the overall structure of a piece.

It is the ultimate destination of a musical journey, elevating the composition to its highest point of expression. With its distinctive presence, the coda ensures that a composition concludes with a memorable and purposeful statement.

Similarly, the coda symbol is gracefully woven into the Coda Trust name and logo marking the intentional conclusion of financial planning for clients. Coda Trust is dedicated to helping clients successfully resolve important financial decisions to preserve their wealth and legacy.

Our Mission

Through emphasis on custom solutions, personal service and marketing, we believe Coda Trust as an independent, privately owned, B.C. trust company, using its knowledge, experience and professionalism, can become the premier provider of fiduciary services to individuals in order to help ensure the preservation of their wealth while preserving inter-generational legacy.

What We Do

Coda Trust Company Ltd. is an independent, non-deposit taking trust company located in West Vancouver. We are privately owned, provincially regulated, and specialize in providing high-calibre, personalized trust and estate services.

Our senior team has established reputations within the local business community and is committed to the management and generational preservation of local family enterprises. 

We offer a sophisticated, informed solution for individuals with both simple and complex needs who want to place the burden of their estate management and distribution in the hands of professionals rather than family or friends.

We also recognize that many retiring professionals with fiduciary responsibilities want to ensure their clients are in good hands as they step into retirement. We have an enthusiastic and responsive team who can help transition these responsibilities in whatever capacity you desire, whether that be as an Agent, Power of Attorney, a sole/co-Executor or Trustee, or an alternate Executor/Trustee.

Why Coda Trust?

Our senior team has established reputations within the local business community and is committed to the management and generational preservation of local family enterprises. 


We specialize in handling complex estates involving operating businesses and/or holding companies, and ​have the knowledge to manage these ​estates with efficiency and an in-depth understanding of your needs.


With no ties to a financial or investment institution, we are a BC-based ​independent business that has no obligation​ to sell institutionalized financial products or services – we offer an unbiased solution for estate and trust services.


Each family situation has a specific, unique dynamic and requires a nuanced approach. The relationship we build with you enables us to take into consideration both your business and personal situations.

We have the flexibility and skillset to work collaboratively with clients’ existing ​financial institutions and professional advisors, while​ also offering many financial services through the ​expertise of our family office to clients who prefer all their affairs to be managed under one roof.

Our team takes pride in the longevity and multi-generational nature of our staff ​and is highly invested in passing along our expertise​ and experience to the next generation ​of staff to ensure continuity and stability for our clients over the years.

Meet With Us

We will meet to listen, discuss, and understand your goals, financial and family situation, beneficiaries, and the legacy you would like to establish. It’s an opportunity to understand any concerns or difficulties you are facing in your estate matters, and review the estate plan that your advisors provide to us.