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You’ve worked hard to build a financial legacy that you can be proud of. Our team is focused on helping you preserve your wealth so that you can feel secure about your financial future.

Coda Trust is a boutique trust company that offers independent estate administration, trustee services, and customized solutions for long-term financial and intergenerational security.

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About Coda Trust

Coda Trust Company Ltd. is an independent, non-deposit taking trust company located in West Vancouver. We are privately owned, provincially regulated, and specialize in providing high-calibre, personalized trust and estate services.

Our senior team has established reputations within the local business community and is committed to the management and generational preservation of local family enterprises.

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Wealth Positioning

6 Best Practices When Preserving & Transferring Generational Wealth

Preserving and transferring generational wealth correctly can help ensure the financial security of your family for generations to come. With careful planning and a keen understanding of best practices, you can successfully pass down assets from one generation to the next without losing any of their value in the process. In this blog post, we’ll provide business owners with an overview of how best to manage their finances today and throughout their life in order to preserve wealth for future generations.
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Trusts & Estates

How to Administrate the Estate of a Loved One

When a loved one passes away, the grief and emotional pain can be tremendous. Along with those emotions come many challenging tasks—which include dealing with the financial assets of your beloved family member or friend. Administering the estate of a deceased relative may feel overwhelming; however, we can help make it easier by breaking down the steps you’ll need to take as well as providing resources that can make your journey simpler.
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